The Functions Of The Hotel Manager

dealsThe hotel manager is responsible for overseeing every member of the staff and is in charge of the operations of the hotel. There are various department heads that work under the hotel manager and they will report to him/her especially in delivering regular reports. The various departments’ heads include the front desk supervisors, human resources, accounting and housekeeping. The ordinary manager has very hectic days that will find him/her engaging with the staff and guests as well. In the process he will be observing how the functions are being executed by the various staff members while making the necessary improvements in the staff or facilities.
The ultimate goal for the hotel manger is typically to increase the profits of the hotel while maintaining the expenses on the budget. They will also be responsible for any hotel deals in UAE that are directly linked with the hotel. Contrary to popular belief the manager does not spend the entire day sitting in an office. Instead they spend the better part of their working day overseeing the staff members on how they interact with the guests and at the same time keep a close eye on the grounds ensuring that everything is functioning perfectly well and order for any repairs if necessary. They also must be aware of any in house restaurants deals that may be made in the course of their term as managers.
The hotel manager is responsible for any maintenance that should be done in the exterior and the interior of the hotels. In the maintenance the hotel manager will ensure that the necessary tasks are regularly done and he may also come up with the right decor improvement especially if it suits the hotel budget and it is reasonable enough depending on the returns expected. The hotel manager may not be responsible for all the functions of the overhead duties and due to that they work with department heads. For instance if there are catering deals at the in house restaurant it will be the department head who will handle such deals and report to the hotel manager.
The department heads are responsible for the complaints and problems and will usually keep the hotel manager informed on any happenings even if they had issues during organizing on the best buffet in Bangkok deals; issues are perfectly normal in this business. The most effective easy of communication employed by the managers is through a record book. Basically the hotel book is used as means of communication between the department supervisors and the hotel manager. Any happening that may take place in the course of the day is recorded in the record book for keeping the hotel manager informed. At times there are some problems that seem too large for the junior staff to handle and in such a scenario the issues is taken up by the general manager.
The hotel manager may be called in odd hours from home even during after work hours in case of an emergency. There are managers that live on site while other arrive at the hotel every morning to begin their services signing entering into profitable deals such as tour deals with the right business minded people.