A Balinese Honeymoon: A Romantic Escape

Your wedding went off without a hitch! You stuck to a strict budget, made compromises and everyone was happy and entertained. Now it’s finally about the two of you! It’s your honeymoon. All the money you put away for a relaxing and romantic holiday is to be put to good use! You’ve picked your romantic tropical paradise. Bali, here you come!

You can’t get more private than this

Having a very strict wedding budget is very smart. That way when planning a honeymoon, you and your spouse can allow yourselves to finally indulge in some much-needed pampering. For the best Bali luxury villas is the place to go. You and your partner will not only have direct access to the ocean but also a pool that is yours alone. There won’t be any screaming babies or loud and inappropriate strangers to stress you out. Complete with deck chairs, hammocks, canoes and umbrellas it’s a dream come true. You and your partner can finally unwind after the stress of wedding planning with a cocktail and a good read. The peace and privacy allows for you to be alone with your thoughts and truly enjoy each other’s company on this ocean paradise.

Food, drinks and flower crowns

Bali is known for how close to a tropical paradise it is and its presentation of food is no different. Floral arrangements and edible flowers are their specialty. The food and drinks are what one might call heavenly. Private villas allow their guests the option of eating outside overlooking the spectacular view of villas. Be adventurous when choosing what to eat try the local cuisine. The options are endless so don’t pass the opportunity to try authentic Balinese dishes. When choosing your cocktails and beverages go for their specialty mixes and flavors as well. There are also wine and dessert tastings available at restaurants in town. There are also street food and pubs by the beach to help you live out your tropical fantasy!

Relax, refresh and rejuvenate

The ultimate form of relaxation is rejuvenation. Most of the best villas to stay have their own spas or partnered spa recommendations. There are special package deals that you can purchase both when booking or upon arrival and consultation. What better way to relax both body and mind than a hot oil massage? There are rave reviews of the spas in Bali. Instagrams of spa fanatics have pictures of spice baths, milk scrubs and Balinese rubs. There are even special packages for couples. Complete with couple’s massages and flower crème baths.

When planning a wedding there are so many people to please and boxes to tick. Your honeymoon is all about you and your spouse. About celebrating your love, treating yourself to a wonderful holiday and simply enjoying each other and the endless possibilities the future holds. Privacy and relaxation will undoubtedly help unwind and the beauty of Bali will make your trip a romantic escape to remember!

Tips For The Perfect Family Vacation

When it comes to vacation tie with the family it can be less of a vacation for the parents and more of a stressful time, trying to manage everything and stay sane at the same time. Because it’s difficult enough as it is when you have to manage the kids, but when you have a bunch of excited kids who just want to run around and have fun, then it takes a superhuman effort to keep it altogether. Because when the kids know that its holiday time and that sits vacation time, it’s like they just switch on to a different mode altogether and you just can’t control them. For them it might be a fun time but for the parents it’s like they just need another vacation at the end of it all.

So how can you at least reduce the stress that you will be under during this time at least by a small degree? Well for starters you have to know that careful planning is essential when it comes to vacation with family. You have to look into everything carefully. From travel to accommodation everything has to be sorted before you leave home. So make sure you have booked your Hong Kong waterfront accommodation and mode of travel way before the due date so that there will be no issues as the day gets closer. And the other thing that you have to consider I the budget that you have allocated. Because family vacations can be quite an expensive affair. And you don’t want to talk about the unexpected expenses that crop up when you have to travel with children, although you may have thought you have all the expenses accounted for.

So the best way for you to keep the expenses to a minimum would be to book your place at an top quality Hong Kong waterfront hotel. Which will cut down on your costs considerably. And in this way you will all be in one place together instead of having to stay in different hotel rooms. With both parents splitting themselves into each room to be with the kids. Or the other option is to try and squeeze everyone into a single room if you very badly want to stay together. And this can be quite uncomfortable. So it becomes vital that you sort out your living arrangements for the vacation after giving it a lot of thought.  

Careful planning can go a long way in helping the tensions that can build up during a family vacation. If you want to make sure that you have even a small amount of enjoyment during this time as a parent, always plan way ahead.

Things To Consider When Choosing Hotels

When you are going on a trip or a hike the last thing you want is a bad motel. If you stay at the wrong place, your whole trip will be ruined and you will end up being cranky and wasting money. There are thousands of place that you can find almost anywhere in the world that you can spend a quality night but the risk is to choose what is best for you. When you plan your journey you have to consider these locations because it might be difficult to find places to stay once you are in a foreign land that you are not familiar with. When you are going to find a motel or a decent place to stay, there are few things to consider. These points might seem simple but they will play a huge role in identifying the best location.


First and foremost, you should consider the ratings when you are choosing a location. These ratings give clients and customers a good idea about ambiance, price and services. You can use internet yo find Kowloon East hotel Harbour Plaza services and the websites that have listed these places have clearly notified their ratings. If you have a good and a flexible budget, you can go to a place with a higher rating. But it is your choice and you have to freedom to make a decision based on your budget and your journey plan.


Most inns have a standard set of services but when you are choosing one, it is important to read the details. Knowing about these services is important because you will be able to get the service for you money when you know about them properly. You can get a rough idea about different services based on ratings of these inns but it is recommended to contact the location and clear your doubts before making any decision.


Even though this is listed as the last point, price is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing an inn. When you plan a trip or a hike, you will notice that places that you are going to stay the night take a big percentage from your budget. When you are hiking this can be a huge disadvantage. Therefore, check different accommodation booking service on internet and you will be able to find good deals.

It is always better to have alternatives because sometimes you will not be satisfied with their services. When you have other options, you can stay at a place that you are comfortable with.

Tips To Select The Perfect Business Hotel

Business travelling can be both expensive and stressful. Therefore, one way to ensure that you have a comfortable stay whilst travelling is to pick the perfect hotel. But, the rapid increase in business hotel merely adds to the confusion and makes it difficult to select a hotel that would cater to your needs. Hence, read on the tips below to help you find a hotel that would make you enjoy your next business trip.


The key factor that one should take into consideration when selecting a hotel is the location.  As you may need to travel to different locations for meetings every day it is recommended that you select a hotel situated in proximity to these meetings to save both time and energy. But, also ensure that you select a central location because if you get time from your work you can go sightseeing.

Level of Service

After a long day of travel which can leave you jet- lagged and exhausted, you need to find a hotel that offers services and facilities necessary to make your stay an enjoyable one. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the hotel staff are pleasant and attentive your needs, as you may have to request wake up calls and you need to be sure that these requests would be carried out by the staff in a timely manner. But, to enjoy such HK hotel booking near Fortress Hill is recommended.

Business Friendly Environment

One of the important factors that one has to consider when selecting a hotel is the availability of business facilities. These could include access to Wi-Fi, in room phones and a business center offering fax, scanner and copy machine. Furthermore, if hotel meeting rooms are available these could be used to conduct meetings within the hotel itself and you could save travel time.

Access to Transport

Another factor to consider is the availability of transport. Hence you need to make sure that you select a hotel which is in proximity to the airport, bus stop, taxi rank and railway station. Furthermore, determine whether r the hotel offers an in house car service.

Fitness Center

After a long day of traveling and attending meetings you need to find a way to unwind. Therefore, always make sure that the hotel has a pool or a gym where you can both exercise and relax after a stressful day.

Every detail matters when selecting a hotel. Therefore, with the above tips you would be able to find a hotel that could help reduce the stress of travelling whilst ensure that you enjoy your stay.

Why Booking Rooms In Advance For Your Vacation Is Compulsory?

I know that, this is an unwanted question to be asked, but there are people that think that they can spend their holidays without booking any accommodation and they think that it is not that difficult to spend their holidays by keeping on traveling. Do you really think so? I do not think so, because accommodation is a must-book one when you are planning for a vacation. Everyone would be fond of going for a vacation trip either with their family or friends. Making use of the holidays is the best relaxation; nevertheless the thing is that, you have the responsibility to convert your trip good and memorable. If that is the case with you, first you must have to think about the accommodation. If you want to enjoy the home like feeling, you should book the room. You can find limitless luxury accommodations in motel rooms to pick from. It is you that has to explore various accommodations with various facilities and choose the one that goes well with your needs and budget. I would recommend you to book a motel room as it is the cost effective choice to go with. You can explore for getting the motel rooms to visit.

Tips to hire the comfortable roadside hotel rooms

  • You first have to search online about the executive accommodation. As you all aware that, every motel room will be varied with cost, facilities, services, location and more. You must have to explore as many motel rooms as possible and choose the one that you find reliable and reasonable for you. See this page for more info on executive accommodation Sydney.
  • The rent of the motel room should come inside your budget. Besides the facilities that you are about to enjoy inside the motel, it is you that has to make sure the motel room will meet your budget standard. The reason is that, mostly, you will not book a room for a day, and in such cases, the rent of the room should fall into your budget.
  • The availability of the motel room is very significant to deem. If not you get the motel room on the day when you need, you would not feel good, so you should check whether or not the motel room is available on the day when you want. You can check the room availability through the official site of the motel.
  • If the motel room is available, you can proceed to booking the home by providing your details.

The above mentioned points are something that you must have to reckon while booking the motel accommodation.