A Balinese Honeymoon: A Romantic Escape

Your wedding went off without a hitch! You stuck to a strict budget, made compromises and everyone was happy and entertained. Now it’s finally about the two of you! It’s your honeymoon. All the money you put away for a relaxing and romantic holiday is to be put to good use! You’ve picked your romantic tropical paradise. Bali, here you come!

You can’t get more private than this

Having a very strict wedding budget is very smart. That way when planning a honeymoon, you and your spouse can allow yourselves to finally indulge in some much-needed pampering. For the best Bali luxury villas is the place to go. You and your partner will not only have direct access to the ocean but also a pool that is yours alone. There won’t be any screaming babies or loud and inappropriate strangers to stress you out. Complete with deck chairs, hammocks, canoes and umbrellas it’s a dream come true. You and your partner can finally unwind after the stress of wedding planning with a cocktail and a good read. The peace and privacy allows for you to be alone with your thoughts and truly enjoy each other’s company on this ocean paradise.

Food, drinks and flower crowns

Bali is known for how close to a tropical paradise it is and its presentation of food is no different. Floral arrangements and edible flowers are their specialty. The food and drinks are what one might call heavenly. Private villas allow their guests the option of eating outside overlooking the spectacular view of villas. Be adventurous when choosing what to eat try the local cuisine. The options are endless so don’t pass the opportunity to try authentic Balinese dishes. When choosing your cocktails and beverages go for their specialty mixes and flavors as well. There are also wine and dessert tastings available at restaurants in town. There are also street food and pubs by the beach to help you live out your tropical fantasy!

Relax, refresh and rejuvenate

The ultimate form of relaxation is rejuvenation. Most of the best villas to stay have their own spas or partnered spa recommendations. There are special package deals that you can purchase both when booking or upon arrival and consultation. What better way to relax both body and mind than a hot oil massage? There are rave reviews of the spas in Bali. Instagrams of spa fanatics have pictures of spice baths, milk scrubs and Balinese rubs. There are even special packages for couples. Complete with couple’s massages and flower crème baths.

When planning a wedding there are so many people to please and boxes to tick. Your honeymoon is all about you and your spouse. About celebrating your love, treating yourself to a wonderful holiday and simply enjoying each other and the endless possibilities the future holds. Privacy and relaxation will undoubtedly help unwind and the beauty of Bali will make your trip a romantic escape to remember!